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Mimoza Thaqi is a successful businesswoman. She lives in Tetovo, Macedonia. She leads her business together with her partner Avni Thaqi and her son Diell Thaqi. The company is named Sun and Stars®. This corporation includes a Second Hand shop, the I AM WATER® bottling plant and I am Power® academy.

What advantages do you obtain from the Individual business courses ?

With the individual business course:


Win a bonus: (I am power level 1,2,3 and 4 )

The "Seminari i Ëndërrave" audio, to find the finances that your business needs!

"After the first course you can listen to this session and then you will be consulting with me for all the next steps."

PS: Don't miss this chance, because I've only made time for a limited amount of people.

PSS: For only 1 year you will transform your business to success, you will up your sales, you will change the marketing concept, and you will find investors for your ideas.

PSSS: You will see yourself only as an incredibly successful performer. Just likke you have always imagined!

( 12 hours a year for 997)

Ask an Expert

Professional answers regarding your business idea

If you start a personal consulting hour with Mimoza Thaci about your product or business:

  • Will the odds of your success grow in your favor?

  • The given advices are about gaining self-trust and to learn how to respect yourself!

  • Arguments about teaching you how to see the positive side of your negative thoughts, dueling your challenges, representing your product the right way!

Bussinessman in Modern Office

You only tell your problems to find the right answers.

If your business isn't growing, find what the problem is

  • Every successful person has a personal trainer.

  • The most successful people know that the challenges they're facing are only within their minds.
  • With personal and confidential training you will find out where such problems are coming from, and face them as soon as possible.

  • Relaxed Businessman

Relaxed Businessman

After your first training session is complete, you will feel motivated enough to continue, and the same goes with creating your first business

  • Consulting in business matters are minimum if not zero in the  Albanian market industry.

  • Successful enterpreneurs evaluate the real education because it's rare.

  • They also evaluate the talent of selling because it's the highest paying talent on Earth.

  • After your training is complete, doors to a new world-perspective will open with limitless possibilities.

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