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  • How to subscribe to Iam Power Free?
    To log in to I am Power Free follow each step described in the video below: (If you use an email you used before, the subscription will not work)
  • How to Login to Iam Power Level 1 and Free?
    Follow each step described in the video below. Every detail is important:
  • Si të Bëhem anëtar në Nivelin1,2, ose 3?"
  • Where can I buy the books, levels, energy products or other things you offer us?"
    Now you can press the button "All products" found in the menu above. These are our options: 1. All products are available on the site: Here you can also pay by bank card.
  • How to Change the Password?
    Follow every step described in the Video Below, Every detail is important:
  • Are there other forms of payment besides by Bank Card ?
    Yes. You can pay with Western Union, Ria, Money Gram and in the Bank Account through the invoice, Email us for details:, phone number, viber, whatsup: +38976256899. The easiest, cheapest and safest way is with a bank card.
  • Why do other websites open when I click on your website?
    These are Ads and Ads help us keep this information free. Please press X on any type of ad. ​
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